Prop Maker Details Alleged Difficulty Working With WWE Star Zelina Vega

WWE star Zelina Vega had a notable run as Queen of the Ring, and made use of props in her entrance. Vega is also known for her elaborate pay-per-view attires, which tend to line up with her cosplay hobby. However, she is now facing allegations made by a prop maker who claims that the former Women's Tag Team Champion not only underpaid her but "wasted her time." In a lengthy Instagram post, Mecha Musume claimed they designed, printed, and hand-stoned the Mecha Chancla Vega wore in her recent WrestleMania entrance attire, and that the star "severely underpaid" them. The post additionally alleged they created a pair of cuffs, mech wings, and a headset, but that Vega sent them the wrong address resulting in damage and reshipping. 

"She gave me the wrong address which resulted in my wings getting cooked in the hot 100 degree florida sun, melting it essentially, having to reship it, and then finding out the time specified was too late, then having a piece detach due to melted pieces from getting damaged from being delivered to her old address that she THOUGHT she could pick it up from." The post went on to make more allegations, additionally pointing out how they felt like their labor had been taken for granted. They also claimed Vega ultimately returned the gear. "I definitely don't want to work with celebrities or influencers anymore, they always expect super cheap or free stuff and excessive labor just because it's them."

Unfortunately, Vega seems to be facing allegations from multiple fronts, and also took to X to defend herself against claims made by an artist on the social media platform, but noted that she'll address Mecha in a video due to having been blocked by them on Instagram.