Nic Nemeth Explains Why He Wanted AEW All In Backstage Footage To Be A Swerve

AEW recently became the talk of the internet when the promotion announced it would air backstage footage from All In showcasing the tussle between CM Punk and Jack Perry. Unfortunately, the reception hasn't been very positive, and according to Nic Nemeth on "Busted Open Radio," the promotion should've fooled fans with fake footage instead.

Some fans believed that it could all have been a swerve, and Nemeth explained this could have been a better option, if only to get attention onto the product. Nemeth then described what he had hoped The Young Bucks would've aired instead. "The Bucks make a joke of it, or show some old footage, like black and white 'Three Stooges' footage or something and they're just talking over it." While the stunt ended up being widely panned, it did get many talking about AEW, which Nemeth praised the promotion for, especially since it happened right after WrestleMania 40. "To get everyone talking in wrestling is kind of a big deal, let's not overstep that, because it is. Whether it's for one night and you get people coming back or not or you capitalize on it, that's totally a different thing."

Adam Copeland notably cut a passionate pro-AEW promo soon after Punk's negative AEW comments, which Nemeth commented on too. According to Nemeth, Copeland reminded everyone why they should be happy about the state of wrestling. "Like Adam said, 'You complain online? You're still complaining because you want it to be better.'" However, Nemeth still expressed disappointment about the footage, and how he had hoped it led to something else.

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