Matt Hardy Adds Intriguing Twist To WWE Raw Happenings

Fans are buzzing about new QR codes that have appeared on WWE programming recently and a former AEW star is currently adding an extra bit of mystery to the whole situation.

Matt Hardy shared a video of the recent QR codes, which are reportedly related to the return of former WWE NXT Champion Bo Dallas. With Hardy currently being a free agent, it's possible he's teasing his involvement in whatever post-Bray Wyatt plans WWE has for Bo Dallas. Hardy had previously tagged with Wyatt as "The Deleters of Worlds" when Hardy was in his "Broken" persona. The tandem even held the WWE Raw Tag Team Championships for a period. It's also possible that Hardy is simply showing support to his former tag team partner's brother ahead of his return.

Bo Dallas had been portraying the Uncle Howdy character alongside Bray before Bray's tragic death at the age of 36 years old last year. Wyatt had been planning a return to the ring after a lengthy absence due to heart issues the former WWE Universal Champion developed after catching COVID-19. The use of QR codes was a staple of Wyatt's initial return to WWE in 2022 but he only managed to wrestle one match before he was once again put on the shelf with health issues.

Hardy had been signed with AEW since 2020, but his contract with the company expired last month and neither side was able to come to an agreement on a renewal. Despite the loaded nature of the tease, there is no word on where Hardy is heading post-AEW.