WWE Star Grayson Waller On Conor McGregor, Other UFC Fighters Joining WWE

In September 2023, Endeavor confirmed that the merger between WWE and UFC had been finalized, which then led to the formation of TKO Group Holdings. Following this move, fans of both companies raised questions about potential crossovers in the future. During an interview with "Going Ringside," "WWE SmackDown" Tag Team Champion Grayson Waller addressed this idea, specifically concerning the possibility of seeing UFC fighters, such as Conor McGregor, transition to the wrestling ring in WWE.

"I know the UFC guys are seeing what we do and seeing the opportunities they can have, being entertaining as well as having their fight stuff. And I've met some of the UFC guys. Tai Tuivasa, the Aussie boy, was at Elimination Chamber in Perth, and he said the same thing. When he saw the vibe of the show, he was like, 'I'd love to do this.' And I think that's a great option for some UFC guys," Waller said. "You can't fight forever. [In] WWE, you kind of have a bit of a longer lifespan. As much as that sounds crazy, because I know how much pain we put our bodies through, we have a little bit of a longer lifespan. I think WWE is a perfect opportunity for some UFC guys who are entertaining, who can talk, but can also fight to have a second career. I think it's going to start happening."

Over the next year, Waller believes one or two UFC fighters may come over to test the waters in WWE. Depending on how those trials go, Waller could then see some fighters opting to come aboard full-time for WWE in the years following. For Waller, the image of former UFC Featherweight Champion Conor McGregor competing in a WWE ring is particularly appealing, as Waller has been a long-time fan of his work. 

While Waller is hopeful of an imminent crossover between WWE and UFC, WWE President Nick Khan recently noted that he doesn't expect that vision to materialize anytime soon.

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