Booker T Wants These Stars Back In WWE

AEW let a legendary talent walk out its doors recently, when Matt Hardy reportedly turned down a new contract. This naturally has fans speculating as to what might happen with Jeff Hardy as well. Booker T has some ideas: He'd like to see them both back in WWE, saying so on "The Hall of Fame." How realistic that is remains to be seen, as the exact terms of Jeff's AEW contract are not public knowledge. However, Jeff has not been seen on AEW programming since sustaining a broken nose on a February "AEW Rampage." If Jeff's exit is imminent, Booker thinks a WWE Hall of Fame Induction would make the most sense.

"I'd love to see both of those guys go into the WWE Hall of Fame," Booker said. "They deserve it. They really do. The body of work those guys put in, the legendary matches those guys had with teams like the Dudleys. I want to see those guys take their rightful place one day. So maybe this is the beginning. Maybe this is the spark."

The Hardys have pinballed across multiple promotions over the past three decades, but are arguably best known for their time as a tag team under the WWE umbrella. Their most recent WWE run kicked off with a foundation-shaking return at WrestleMania 33, but ultimately ended rather unceremoniously for both brothers, under different circumstances. Matt left for AEW first, in 2020, after turning down a producer role he felt slighted by. Meanwhile, Jeff was released in late 2021 over a false drug accusation. WWE reportedly offered him a solo Hall of Fame induction as a bizarre kind of peace offering, which he turned down.

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