Jack Perry Returns At AEW Dynasty, Helps Young Bucks Become Three-Time Tag Champs

The Young Bucks became the first ever three-time AEW Tag Team Champions Sunday night on AEW Dynasty, defeating FTR with an assist from a returning Jack Perry.

The two teams were meeting for the fourth time — FTR leading the saga 2-1 — and the match had a divisive build leading into Sunday's ladder match after The Young Bucks aired CCTV footage during "AEW Dynamite" displaying the All In altercation between CM Punk and Jack Perry last year. Many took airing the footage as a retort to CM Punk's comments about the promotion during a recent interview with Ariel Helwani, but the incident was tied to the storyline as a reason for the Bucks losing to FTR in their last meeting. 

What ensued was over 20 minutes of human demolition derby, with each wrestler taking turns at going through some form of furniture. The match came to a controversial end when it looked as though FTR were going to capture their own landmark third reign as tag champions. Alas, a masked assailant came through to the ring and cost them the match, later revealed to be Jack Perry making his return to AEW after a stint in NJPW following his suspension for his part in the All In incident. As security restrained Perry, the Bucks took advantage to climb up and grab the titles.