Will Ospreay Talks Friendship With New AEW World Champ Swerve Strickland After Dynasty

Will Ospreay, who defeated Bryan Danielson at AEW Dynasty this past weekend, has opened up about his relationship with new AEW World Champion, Swerve Strickland.

During the post-AEW Dynasty media scrum, Ospreay spoke about his long-lasting friendship with Strickland, and how excited he was to finally see him become a world champion in AEW. 

"I was just so happy for him ... he's been around my mom's house a few times, I've looked after him, we've gone to like trampoline parks in England together, so I knew Swerve when he was like CCW Swerve. To see how far he has come from just like another indie guy, but you can sense there was something special. He had an aura about him," said the English star.

Ospreay also explained how Strickland will continue to be an inspiration for the African American community, and his growth in AEW will have an impact on the younger generation, including his own son. 

"He's shown every bit what an inspiration he is to be a representation for African American people as a champion and for me, like my son's brown as well, to look at that, I'm sure he's going to look at what Shane has done and he's going to be inspired by that. So that's what's about inspiring people man," said Ospreay.

Ospreay also touched on his match with Danielson, stating that he's proud it was well received but is struggling to feel rewarded after "The American Dragon" suffered an injury during the contest.