Mark Briscoe Comments On Decades-Long ROH Career, Being A Veteran In The Locker Room

Having been with Ring of Honor since its formative days with his brother, the late Jay Briscoe, Mark Briscoe has literally seen and done it all in the promotion. That's especially true coming off Supercard of Honor, where Briscoe defeated friend Eddie Kingston to capture the Ring of Honor World Championship, his first reign as a World Champion. The victory only enhances Briscoe's status within ROH as not just a long-time veteran, but a locker room leader.

Appearing on "Busted Open Radio" last Friday, Briscoe talked about his twenty-year tenure in Ring of Honor, and how it felt now to be on top of a promotion, and one of the last remaining ROH originals, after a period where some thought ROH may have been heading towards its final curtain.

"Man, it's cool," Briscoe said. "It's really cool...The first thing that comes to mind is it's still, it's like a fluid situation. It's still...a living, breathing thing, where Ring of Honor has been through so many different...phases and different interactions. And I mean, now we actually have more horsepower than we've ever had. 

"We have a bigger vehicle, we have a bigger platform. And just the potential that the current Ring of Honor has, and you see it with each and every PPV. Every PPV is a grand slam. I mean, we're killing every single PPV. And just with all the ammo and all the fuel that we have right now, it's really exciting times man, it really is."

Mark Briscoe Reveals What He Wants Out Of Younger Talent

Being champion has now given Briscoe an added responsibility in a leadership role, one that he's more than eager to jump into. As an example, Briscoe brought up a recent Proving Ground match he had with Griff Garrison, and what he advise he gave to Garrison after their match was over.

"I said 'Look brother...crank that s**t up,'" Briscoe said. "'You've got it. You've got it. Now you just need that confidence. You just need to go out there and you need to go a thousand miles per hour. Maximize your potential. Don't hold back. Don't hold back. I want you to hit me hard. I want you to swing me around the ring. Whatever.' Just the aggression.

"This is a fight. This is a fighting sport. It's a performance, but what we do, we're portraying a fight. So it's just the aggression...that's the main thing that I want the next generation to kind of, I want them to embrace that. Cause now, there's not a thing wrong with it. I love watching matches with high spots and flips and acrobatics. But I feel like just a little bit here lately, we've got a little bit lost with just a bit of aggression and just the raw...the base element is that we're fighting. And that's what I kind of want to pass onto these kids."

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