Mark Henry Reacts To Bryan Danielson Vs Will Ospreay At AEW Dynasty

AEW's Mark Henry has discussed the match between Bryan Danielson and Will Ospreay at the Dynasty pay-per-view, detailing what the two managed to do to make it an enthralling contest.

On "Busted Open Radio," Henry and host Dave LaGreca lavished praise on the match between Danielson and Ospreay, with the WWE Hall of Famer explaining how the two managed to combine traditional pro wrestling with modern-day pro wrestling, to put on a brilliant match.

"I'm not going to get into ranking and all of that. Bryan Danielson is one of the best wrestlers that ever lived. And he proved it again and again, but last night, Dave, everybody expected Will Ospreay to go out there and fly and flip and do ... no, slow down," stated Henry. "They told a beautiful story. It was really aggressive, they worked so closely to each other. They gave us what I don't think the fans realized that Will could work a match like that. It was very old-school-esque meets modern-day. And they traded big move for big move at one point, but it was after the story had already been put together."

Henry also elaborated on an aspect of pro wrestling that may have fallen by the wayside in the modern era: showcasing each star's struggle in the ring, which the duo demonstrated in the match. "Did you notice the struggle? There was so much this way, that way, this way ... I mean, like, that match was pure wrestling and I'm just happy we were able to witness that," declared Henry.

The clash between Ospreay and Danielson was regarded as a duel between two of the best in-ring stars of their respective generations, and the match delivered all the hype surrounding it. The English star got the win after landing the Hidden Blade on Danielson. Seconds before landing his finisher, Ospreay hadn't noticed that the referee had called for the doctor to assist Danielson after his Storm Driver '93 move injured the former WWE star, which Ospreay was apologetic about after the match.