Booker T Discusses Idea Of Fellow WWE Hall Of Famer Goldberg Going To AEW

Goldberg is a pretty polarizing figure these days. Besides his usual boorish outspokenness, many fans felt recent comments made about Asuka's undefeated streak were particularly disrespectful. Still, there's no denying Goldberg is a proven big money attraction. There are certainly those who would like to see him have one last match, especially since Goldberg himself has expressed displeasure with how his last WWE run ended, claiming it did not go down the way Vince McMahon had promised. So is it possible Goldberg gets his closure in AEW? 

"Goldberg would not fit in AEW. That's just me," Booker T asserted on "The Hall of Fame." "There's nothing for him to do there. Just beat up guys. He'd have to beat up the whole roster. I mean, he's not getting pinned by anyone. That's not gonna happen." Rumors about AEW and Goldberg have circulated for a while. Tony Khan has claimed they're on good terms. However, Goldberg has recently stated there's "not a chance" of joining because AEW is "too cheesy." Booker's co-host Brad Gilmore played devil's advocate, saying AEW fans might not want to see Goldberg in the first place. 

"I don't know if the AEW fanbase would want to see Goldberg," Gilmore said. "[Fans] were chanting at Chris Jericho to retire. So if they don't want to see Jericho, which is like an AEW guy, why would they want to see Goldberg?" Booker countered that it could work as a one-off, with Goldberg wrestling an opponent of his choosing. "He brings the guy he wants to work with," Booker suggested. "He could call, y'know, 'Hey, Sting. You wanna do this with me? Come out of retirement and do this for me, one more time, last one?' How big would that be? It'd be huge. A one-off is the only way I see Goldberg being over there."

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