Why WWE's The Undertaker Calls Triple H One Of His Favorite People To Share The Ring

After an epic trilogy of WrestleMania matchups against The Undertaker, Paul "Triple H" Levesque could arguably be considered one of "The Deadman's" greatest rivals. The two WWE Hall of Famers shared many memorable moments in the ring, and The Undertaker recently revealed how much he admires the WWE CCO. 

"He was one of my favorite people to get in the ring with. We had amazing chemistry, and he just always had a good idea of the story and where it would go," he said on his "Six Feet Under with Mark Calaway" podcast.

The WWE Hall of Famer explained how Triple H is and always has been a student of pro wrestling, with a humble attitude that will bode well for the company. He stated that he has great confidence in the WWE CCO handling the creative side of things in WWE, with him stating how "The Game's" understanding of the business and leadership skills will be key to the company's success. Undertaker also credited Levesque for being able to relate and connect with today's talent despite being from a different era, and suggested that he will lead in a distinctly more positive way.

"He knows what he's talking about ... but he conveys it in a manner that he's not arrogant," said Undertaker. "He's just a really good mentor type. He's wearing a lot of hats but just his demeanor and the ability to lock in with today's talent. It's different than it used to be."

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