WWE Star Sheamus Roasts Drew McIntyre Over 'Biggest Moment Of His Career'

Since returning to "WWE Raw," Sheamus has received more attention for his physical appearance than he has for his in-ring success, to the point that he was even body-shamed by some fans over social media. The fans aren't the only ones, as his physique was criticized by fellow WWE star Drew McIntyre Monday on "Raw," with McIntyre pondering if Sheamus had spent his eight-month hiatus eating "burger after burger after burger," making a mockery of Sheamus' "banger after banger after banger" saying.

After Sheamus fired back at McIntyre on social media, the two have continued to trade barbs, with McIntyre even bringing Scott Steiner into the mix. Sheamus may have gained the upper hand Thursday morning, however, when he took to X to congratulate McIntyre for recently winning a Slammy Award. Claiming McIntyre achieved "the biggest moment of his career, nay life," Sheamus mocked McIntyre for winning an award for "having higher screen time on social media than your average teenage girl."

Continuing with that theme, and perhaps referencing old Hulk Hogan insults towards Roddy Piper, Sheamus also noted McIntyre's fondness for wearing a skirt. As of now, McIntyre has yet to return volley, though his last post yesterday saw the former WWE World Heavyweight Champion mock Sheamus by calling him "Baby Reindeer" and telling him to "put the phone down."

This sort of banter is nothing new between the long-time friends and rivals, who have found themselves on opposite sides of the ring many times during their WWE careers. Among their most notable matches was a "Good Old Fashioned Donnybrook" in July 2022, where McIntyre defeated Sheamus to earn a Universal Title shot at Clash of the Castle, and WrestleMania 39, where the duo fell short when challenging GUNTHER for the Intercontinental Title in a three-way match.