AEW Collision And Rampage Live Results 4/27/24: Swerve Speaks, Parking Lot Fight

Welcome to Rllegends's live coverage of AEW Collision and Rampage from Daily's Place in Jacksonville, Florida!

On Collision, we will finally hear from new AEW World Champion, Swerve Strickland as soon the show goes live. He defeated ROH Television Champion Kyle Fletcher in a Title Eliminator match on this week's Dynamite.

We will see the AEW debut of Grizzled Young Vets (Zack Gibson and James Drake). They will take on former AEW Tag Team Champions, The Acclaimed (Anthony Bowens and Max Caster).

The Bang Bang Gang (Jay White and The Gunns) will put their newly won Unified World Trios Championship on the line against Top Flight (Dante and Darius Martin) and Action Andretti.

Anna Jay was defeated by Mina Shirakawa on Wednesday. She started to go after Mariah May, but was stopped by "Timeless" Toni Storm. Storm challenged Jay to a non-title match.

Rey Fénix has finally been cleared after being out since last October. He'll make his return to AEW tonight to face on The Beast Mortos (formerly known as Black Taurus). 

Fans will get an updated on Tony Khan's medical condition after taking a TK Driver at the hands of the Young Bucks on Dynamite.

On Rampage, Chuckie T will face Trent Beretta in a Parking Lot Fight. Beretta recently turned on Orange Cassidy and forced Taylor to chose between them. They've been teammates in the first two Parking Lot Fights in AEW and this will be the first ever fight like this between singles wrestlers. 

Following a scuffle on Dynamite, Thunder Rosa will face Deonna Purrazzo. These two have had a feud simmering for the last few weeks and will finally take their grievances to the ring. 

Bang Bang Gang vs. Top Flight & Action Andretti

Tony Schiavone and Nigel McGuinness are on commentary.

Swerve Strickland finally addressed the audience publicly after winning the AEW World Championship. He issued an Open Challenge which was accepted by Claudio Castagnoli.

We also got an update on Tony Khan. Khan will be allowed to run AEW from Jacksonville, but isn't allowed to travel due to his injuries.

Bang Bang Gang vs. Top Flight and Action Andretti

The new champions came to the ring first.

Jay and Dante started off and Dante quickly went to the grown. In the corner, Dante hit him with several chops. They exchanged chops and kicks in the middle of the ring. Colten tagged in and double teamed Dante with Austin. They isolated Dante in the corner. The champs took turns attacking Dante. Dante dove on the outside.

Darius is in and he held the rope for Andretti to dive on Jay. Jay hit a lariat on Darius on the outside before dropping him on the apron.

After the break, there was still madness between all six men. Action double teamed The Gunns. Jay and Colten pulled Austin out. Darius did a tope on the outside. Jay and Colten pulled Top Flight from the ring. Jay pulled Action from the top rope. Dante tried to dive on Jay, but was caught in midair.

Action drop kicked Jay across the ring. Jay hit Action with the Bladerunner for the win.

Rey Fénix vs. The Beast Mortos

Rey Fénix is accompanied by Alex Aberhantes.

Mortos got Fénix in the corner and chopped him. They swapped places and Fénix got in several chops. Mortos returned the favor and dropped the ground. Fénix attempted a crossbody, but was caught. Mortos powerslammed him. Mortos followed with a corkscrew tope on the outside.

In the corner, Mortos hit Fénix with a forearm before during the same in the opposite corner. Fénix did several spinning kicks in the chest. Mortos spiked him into the mat. Mortos pinned him for two.

Mortos captured Fénix's leg and twisted it. He continued to focus on Fénix's leg. Fénix finally made it to the rope and rolled to the floor. Mortos followed and stood him. He spun and hit his chest and Fénix dropped to the ground. He ran Fénix into the ringpost and then chopped him before rolling him into the ring. Mortos got another two count.

Mortos attempted to rip off Fénix's mask. Mortos stalked Fénix around the ring. He placed Fénix's leg around the rope, but Fénix stood up. Mortos shoulder tackled him.

After the break, Mortos had Fénix on his shoulders, but Fénix got down. Mortos hit him with a headbutt. Fénix hit a hurricanrana and a spinning heel kick. With Mortos on his knee, Fénix kicked him in the head several times. Fénix attempted a maneuver, but Mortos escaped.

Mortos tossed Fénix up in the air and Fénix stood on his shoulders. Lucha things happened. Fénix did a tornado off the top onto the outside. Back in the ring, Mortos countered into a lungblower. Mortos attempted another pin.

Mortos tried to bounce off the ropes and got three superkicks. Fénix walked across the ropes and kicked Mortos in the head. He hit a frog splash for two. Fénix rolled Mortos up for the win.

RUSH vs. Martin Stone

RUSH's opponent, Martin Stone (FKA Danny Burch), was already in the ring. Stone ran at RUSH and got suplexed and a running knee. On the outside, RUSH threw him into a barricade and kicked him several times. RUSH hit him with a camera cable and tossed him in the ring.

Stone was put in the corner. RUSH pulled his shirt down and chopped him. He threw him over his shoulder into the turnbuckle. RUSH did a running dropkick in the corner. RUSH pinned him after the dropkick.

After the match, RUSH hit another running dropkick.

Timeless Toni Storm vs. Anna Jay

"Timeless" Toni was accompanied by May and Luther.

Storm bounced of the rope and then locked up with Jay. Storm put Jay in a waistlock and Jay returned the favor. Storm focused on Jay's arm. Jay put her in a side headlock.

Storm was flung in the corner and she slammed into her. Jay followed with snapmare and hit Storm in the face with her butt. Storm returned the favor a few times. Jay was on the apron and May taunted her. Storm was running and hit Jay into May. May did chest compressions on Storm.

Following the break, Jay hit a back elbow on Storm in the corner. Storm hit a backstabber in the corner. Storm hit a DDT and fisherman's suplex. Jay pinned Storm for two.

Storm powerbombed Jay. Jay attempted the Queenslayer, but Storm got to her feet. She slammed her into the mat. Storm hit a running hip attack and pinned Jay for the win.

Grizzled Young Veterans vs. The Acclaimed

Grizzled Young Veterans came to the ring first. The Acclaimed were accompanied by Daddy Ass.

Zack Gibson started the match against Max Caster with a collar and elbow. Gibson went for a cover. Drake tagged in and took down Caster. After a back and forth, Bowens tagged in. Bowens and Caster did a combination move before Bowens hit a backbreaker.

GYV double teamed Bowens. Gibson was hit with a vertical suplex. The Acclaimed double teamed Gibson. Gibson his Caster with a boot. Caster hit boot to the midsection and a European uppercut. Drake tagged in and jumped off Gibson as a launching to kick Bowens off the apron.

After the break, GYV double teamed Caster. Caster knocked Gibson down. Drake did a dive onto Caster. In the ring, Gibson put Caster in a headlock. Caster got to his feet, but Gibson had wrist control. More double teaming from GYV. Caster dove to tag Bownes in. Bowens took them on himself and hit a FameAsser on Gibson.

The Acclaimed double teamed Drake and hit the Scissor Me Timbers. Caster went for the pin.Caster pulled Gibson into the ring, but he held Caster in the corner so Drake could do a running dropkick. They threw Caster onto the ramp. Gibson hit a snapmare on Bowens.

Drake hit a coast to coast while Gibson held Bowens in place. Gibson yelled in Bowens' face. They started to double team him, but were distracted by Gunn. Caster knocked Drake out of the ring. Bowens hit forearms and superkick on Gibson. Caster tagged in and they double teamed Gibson. Caster hit the mic drop for the win.

Swerve Strickland vs. Claudio Castagnoli

Castagnoli made his way to the ring. Prince Nana led the Nana Dance while Swerve came to the ring.

The match started with a collar and elbow and Swerve was backed into a corner. Swerve tried to take Castagnoli down by the leg. Castagnoli took him down with a waistlock. Swerve got to his feet and they did a test of strength. Castagnoli got Swerve to the mat in a bridge. Swerve took Castagnoli down. They did a test of strength with neck bridges.

Swerve broke the hold and they slapped hands. Castagnoli attempted a roll up. Castagnoli caught Swerve in midair and put him in a backbreaker. Castnagoli hit an upper cut in the corner and hit a lariat and made Swerve go over the top rope. They exchanged forearms on the ramp. Swerve did a running hurricanrana on the ramp and pulled Castagnoli into the rope. He did a crossbody from the top rope.

Swerve hit a reverse neckbreaker twice. He did a third one through the middle rope. They exchanged forearms over the rope with Castagnoli still on the apron. Swerve kicked Castagnoli as he attempted to get into the ring. Castagnoli stopped Swerve by the leg and hit him before pulling him down. He threw Swerve into the stage and followed with an uppercut.

After the break, Swerve bounced on the rope to hit a big boot. Castagnoli was on the apron and Swerve kicked him in the chest and followed with a pump kick. Swerve jumped off the top rope and hit a flying elbow on the back of Castagnoli.

Swerve hit a flatliner for two. Swerve hit a backhand chop on Castagnoli in the corner. Swerve hit a back elbow and Castagnoli followed with an uppercut. They reversed out of moves. Castagnoli went to the outside. Swerve joined him and he ran to Castagnoli. He lifted Swerve onto the stage. Swerve did a moonsault from the stage.

Back in the ring, Swerve went up top for a 450, but only covered for two. Castagnoli got to his feet and Swerve grabbed him from behind. Castagnoli stomped Swerve's shoulders. Swerve with a European uppercut. They both exchanged uppercuts and Swerve got in several body shots and back spinning kick.

Swerve rolled through and powerslammed Castagnoli. Swerve went up top again and hit the Swerve Stomp for two. Swerve went for the House Call, but Castagnoli stopped him and put Swerve in the Giant Swing.

He put Swerve in the sharpshooter followed by a crossface. Swerve rolled out and nearly pinned him. Castagnoli went for a Gotch style piledriver, but Swerve got up. He hit an uppercut and a lariat on the champion. Castagnoli went for another piledriver, but Swerve landed on his feet and hit a DDT.

Swerve went to the top again and went for a Swerve Stomp, but Castagnoli stopped it. Castagnoli went for another pin. Swerve pulled himself up in the corner and Castagnoli hit multiple uppercuts. Swerve hit a German release suplex. Swerve hit a pump kick and finally landed the Swerve Stomp and House Call to retain his title.

Chuckie T vs. Trent Beretta

Rampage kicked off the Parking Lot Fight. Daddy Magic joined commentary.

They exchanged blows and Taylor slammed Beretta onto the car. Beretta hit Taylor before getting thrown into the car. Taylor attempted to use a trash can lid. Beretta threw him on the car's hood. Beretta hit Taylor in the head with the trash can lid, followed by the trash can several times. Taylor is already bleeding.

Taylor powerbombed Beretta onto another car hood. Beretta climbed onto a truck roof and was followed by Taylor. Taylor hit Beretta. Beretta pushed him into the truck bed that had a piece of drywall laying across it.

Once on their feet, Beretta threw a trash can lid on his face. He put Taylor onto the roof of another car. Taylor had the lid. Beretta went back to the top of the truck. He did an elbow drop onto Taylor from the truck.

Following the break, Taylor suplexed Beretta through drywall. He did a slingshot and made Beretta hit his face on the underside of the truck bed. Taylor broke drywall on his opponent and hit him with a trash can. He hit Beretta with a dustpan. Both men are bleeding. Beretta threw him into light tubes and drywall from the tailgate.

Taylor swiped his leg out and made him hit the truck. Taylor powerbombed Beretta into the windshield. Beretta and Taylor battled on a car roof. Taylor went for DDT and got low blowed. Beretta hit the DDT on the roof and then put him in an armbar. Taylor started to fade and Beretta wins by ref stoppage.

After the match, Beretta had a wrench. Orange Cassidy and Kris Statlander tried to stop him, but he hit Taylor's ankle. Statlander had to hold Cassidy back.

Don Callis was seen watching the match from backstage.

Thunder Rosa vs. Deonna Purrazzo

Rosa started off by talking trash and Purrazzo hit her in the face. They locked up and Purrazzo put Rosa in a side headlock. Purrazzo hit a body shot. Rosa hit her in the face and dropped her to the mat. Rosa sat on her chest and punched her several times. Back on their feet, Purrazzo got in a body shot and pump kick. Purrazzo held Rosa's arm out and kicked her. She tied Rosa up in the ropes and hit a running dropkick.

Rosa went up top and Purrazzo caught her and put her in a Boston Crab. Purrazzo was talking into the camera on the outside when Rosa did a baseball slide. Rosa chopped her in the chest a few times in front of the ring post. Purrazzo ducked and Rosa hit the ringpost. She followed with a dropkick.

After the break, Rosa was in the corner and kicked Purrazzo away before hitting a shotgun dropkick from the top and then an enzuiguri. Rosa hit another running dropkick and covered for two.

Rosa pulled Purrazzo up by her hair, but Purrazzo kicked her in the gut. Purrazzo hit her again and went for the cover. Purrazzo pulled Rosa by the hair and put her up on the shoulder, but Rosa got out. Rosa hit a double stomp and covered for two.

Rosa went to the top rope, but Purrazzo got up and caught her. She put her in Fujiwara armbar. Rosa rolled out and put her in the body scissors. Purrazzo dumped Rosa onto the mat. Purrazzo hit Rosa in the head. They exchanged roullups. Purrazzo put her in the armbar. Rosa rolled her up for the win.

Purrazzo attacked Rosa on the stage and threw her into steel rails. They exchanged blows until they were separated by security.

Shane Taylor Promotions vs. Katsuyori Shibata and Daniel Garcia

Big Bill vs. Trevor Blackwell

Big Bill's opponent, Trevor Blackwell, was already in the ring. Bill slammed him in the corner and hit a Big Boot. Jericho was watching from backstage while Bill told him to watch him. He slammed his opponent down and pulled him up by the hair at two. He hit Blackwell with a lariat and pulled him up again by the hair at 2. He picked Blackwell up with one arm and powerslammed him. He won by standing on Blackwell's chest.

Shane Taylor Promotions vs. Katsuyori Shibata and Daniel Garcia 

Shibata came to the ring first, followed by Garcia. STP were accompanied by Anthony Ogogo.

Shibata ran at Moriarty, so Garcia ran after Taylor. All four fought on the outside. Shibata suplexed Moriarty on the outside. Shibata and Garcia sat cross legged in the ring and then got back out. STP took control of the match.

Taylor and Shibata got back in the ring. Shibata kicked Taylor down to his knees. Taylor got to his feet and hit a heymaker. Taylor put Shibata in the corner and headbutted him. They hit him in the corner. Shibata took Moritarty down. Garcia sent Taylor down and did a Twist and Shout on Moriarty three times.

Garcia hit an uppercut on Moriarty and chopped him several times. He ran to the ropes and Taylor tripped him and then planted him on his head on the outside. Moriarty mocked Shibata by sitting in the middle of the ring. Garcia got back in the ring and met by stomps. Moriarty threw him in the corner and tagged in Taylor. Taylor chopped him. Garcia hit him with forearms. Taylor caught him in the air. Garcia was in the corner and kicked him. Taylor hit a heymaker and then powerslammed Garcia into the mat.

After the break, Taylor dragged Garcia to the corner so he could go top. Garcia rolled out of the way. Moriarty tagged in and snapped Garcia's fingers. Moriarty kicked Garcia in the back. Taylor held Garcia in the corner so Moriarty could hit him. Garcia knocked Moriarty down and tagged Shibata. Shibata hit Taylor with a couple running kicks. Shibata hit Moriarty in the head. Shibata and Garcia had STP in the corners and hit them in the face and swapped corners.

Shibata chopped Taylor to the ground in the corner. Garcia hit a running dropkick and then they double teamed Taylor. Taylor flipped both over his shoulders. Moritarty hit Shibata repeatedly in the corner. Shibata came out of the corner and Moriarty continued chopping. Shibata forearmed him off his feet. Taylor hit Shibata.

Moriarty picked up Shibata and dropped him. Moriarty put Shibata in a half nelson and Taylor kicked him in the gut. Shibata and Garcia put them in stereo sleepers. Taylor got out and backed Garcia into the ropes. Garcia suplexed Taylor, who rolled out of the ring. Shibata kicked Moriarty in the chest and pinned him to pick up the win.