AEW Star Dax Harwood Accuses Eric Bischoff Of 'Stalkerish' Behavior

WWE Hall of Famer Eric Bischoff has never been one to mince his words about AEW. Despite appearing for the company in 2020 and 2021, Bischoff has been extremely critical of the promotion over the past few years, even saying that he would rather chew his arm off than watch AEW regularly.

Bischoff recently responded to a fan on social media who noted that after AEW's recent financial estimates were made public, the company would become profitable when they get their new media rights deal. The WWE Hall of Famer stated that everyone in AEW would be singing like the cast of "Glee" if the company was profitable, which former AEW Tag Team Champion Dax Harwood noticed. After going through some of his recent activity on X, Harwood replied to Bischoff by saying, "I know it's your gimmick and the other guys pay you well to bury AEW, but checking out your timeline & all the Tony tweets and RT's, it looks very stalkerish. Netflix "Baby Reindeer" would do you a bit of good, my brother in Christ." 

Some of Bischoff's more recent critiques of AEW include Swerve Strickland's career potentially being ruined because he didn't get a championship celebration on "AEW Dynamite," The Elite attacking Tony Khan being a bad parody of the New World Order, and Mercedes Mone lowering her stock since joining the company in March. Bischoff has exchanged words with Khan on social media on more than one occasion, with the AEW President even publicly celebrating the end of Bischoff's "Strictly Business" podcast.