Absent WWE Star Shouts Out Natalya After NXT Underground Match

The main event of last night's "WWE NXT" saw veteran performer Natalya face Lola Vice in an NXT Underground match. When all was said and done, Vice walked away with the victory, but Natalya undoubtedly put on an impressive performance despite her defeat. WWE star Carmella, who has been off TV on maternity leave, posted some praise for Natalya on social media platform X following the match.

"I think it's time y'all start putting some damn respect on [Natalya's] name," Carmella wrote. "NO ONE is doing it like her. Not only for her talent... she's ALWAYS giving back. We don't deserve her."

Though she didn't win, Natalya previously made it clear that she was excited to return to NXT from the main roster to pass on what she knows to the next generation of wrestlers. It's safe to say that Vice learned a thing or two from her time in the ring with the veteran — one of the numerous benefits of bringing main roster talent over to the brand.

Carmella hasn't appeared on WWE TV since March of last year, when she first announced that she and husband Corey Graves were expecting a child together. Then, in November, Carmella and Graves announced the healthy birth of their son. Having just had a child a little over six months ago, it's unclear when Carmella will be back wrestling. However, the performer did state last August that she intends to return to WWE in the future — it's just a matter of when.