GUNTHER Looks Back On WWE Intercontinental Title Reign

Though his reign came to an end at WWE WrestleMania 40, GUNTHER broke the record for the longest WWE Intercontinental Championship run in the title's history, with many impressive matches along the way. The WWE star did what any worthy champion hopes to do with a title reign — elevate the championship they're holding. Appearing on the podcast "Gorilla Position," GUNTHER looked back on his monumental run with the Intercontinental Championship.

"It feels very good," GUNTHER said. "Looking back at it now, I'm very happy with how everything worked out. I think they gave me the freedom with it to do it my way, to a certain degree, and I'm very happy ... people really found a liking in that — how I go about what I do in the ring and how I carry myself and how I carried the championship."

The former champion said that it's difficult to acknowledge your success when you're in the midst of a title run like the one he was on, but now that it's all over, he can look back on the journey with pride, feeling his reign came to the best possible end with his match against Sami Zayn. However, that doesn't mean GUNTHER doesn't have more big plans ahead in WWE. The performer said that he intends to move onward and upward, possibly hinting toward a world title chase in the future.

GUNTHER was selected as the first pick of the second night of the 2024 WWE Draft, with the Austrian set to remain on "WWE Raw" alongside Imperium stablemate Ludwig Kaiser. However, the group will be without Giovanni Vinci, as he was drafted to "WWE SmackDown" instead.

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