Triple H Discusses The 'Exciting Challenge' Of WWE Speed

Ahead of WrestleMania 40, WWE announced the launch of a new weekly video series in partnership with the X (formerly Twitter) platform. This series, titled "WWE Speed," follows the journey of various WWE Superstars as they compete in a fast-paced tournament to crown the first-ever WWE Speed Champion. As implied by the program's name, "WWE Speed" also brings forth a new twist to in-ring competition, as competitors only have three minutes to defeat their opponents — something WWE Chief Content Officer Paul "Triple H" Levesque was thrilled to test out.

"... If we could take sort of that feeling out process that talent have in the ring with each other and just have them go from go for broke right when the bell rings, because they only have three minutes to get the job done," Levesque said in a Spaces session on X. "So there's no [time to waste] ... [Competitors have to get] to an ending quickly. It makes for an exciting challenge for the guys. It makes for an exciting challenge for eventually what will be for the women as well. And so far, it's been spectacular. The talent have really embraced this and gotten into it and the challenge of it. So it's been exciting for them, and it's been exciting for our fans as well."

"WWE Speed" officially premiered on the X platform on April 3, with matches between Ricochet and Dragon Lee as well as Bronson Reed and Cedric Alexander being released. After four weeks of intense competition, Ricochet and Johnny Gargano emerged as the last two standing in the tournament. The finals faceoff between Ricochet and Gargano was pre-taped following last week's broadcast of "WWE SmackDown," and is now officially set to air on X this afternoon.

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