WWE Releases Drew Gulak, Nine Other NXT Performers In Latest Round Of Mass Cuts

Update 5/3/2024, 5:36pm EST: Emma Diaz and Julian Baldi have confirmed their releases via social media posts on X (formerly known as Twitter).

WWE is reportedly in the process of cutting talent from its developmental brand, and currently a total of 10 people have been released. According to Fightful Select, "WWE NXT" cuts are ongoing and Rllegends has also reached out to WWE sources, who confirm the outlet's report. Fightful reports Darrell Mason, Vlad Pavlenko, Ezekiel Balogun, Kiyah Saint, Emma Diaz, Valentina Feroz, Keyshawn Leflore, Trey Bearhill, and Julian Baldi were all released on Friday. PWInsider reports that Drew Gulak was released, as well.

Gulak, a member of the No Quarter Catch Crew on "NXT," was most recently in the news after former WWE star Ronda Rousey brought up an alleged backstage incident with Gulak. Rousey claimed Gulak grabbed the string of her sweatpants as she was walking by. Gulak responded to the allegation on social media, saying that he stopped to say "hello" to Rousey and shake her hand, but accidentally touched the drawstring of her pants by accident and apologized for the mishap. The "NXT" talent was written off television following Rousey's statement, and it was implied the D'Angelo family "left him sleeping with the fishes."

PWInsider Elite reported last week that there had been fear among "NXT" talent that releases might be coming. The outlet reported there were plans to make cuts, but those would be focused on people who hadn't been in the creative mix of late. To that end, Feroz was the only one of today's non-Gulak cuts to have spent a significant amount of time on "NXT" TV, having wrestled 22 matches on the show since 2020. Bearhill appeared on two editions of "NXT," losing both matches. The most recent "NXT" talent to be released before today was Von Wagner on April 22. Wagner, who had recently been paired with manager Robert Stone, was released following WrestleMania 40 weekend. Fightful reported that he was cut because the company did not feel as though he had made satisfactory progress in his five years under contract.