Dave Meltzer Weighs In On Why WWE Scheduled WrestleMania 41 For Easter Weekend

For the last 40 years, WWE's biggest yearly event — WrestleMania — has consistently circled the timeframe of late March to early April. That trend, however, will change in 2025 as the city of Las Vegas hosts the two-night WrestleMania 41 premium live event on Saturday, April 19, and Sunday, April 20, which is also slotted to be the weekend of the Easter holiday next year. On the latest episode of "Wrestling Observer Radio," wrestling journalist Dave Meltzer weighed in on WWE's decision to schedule WrestleMania 41 during Easter weekend.

"Vegas wanted it because they wanted them in when it traditionally is not a good weekend for tourism ... They'll have a great weekend because lots of people are going to come in. So that was the reason that it was that weekend," Meltzer said. "WWE just wanted to make sure that they were away from the Final Four [of the NCAA March Madness]. There were two dates noted. That was the first weekend of May, and then it was Easter weekend. Traditionally, WWE has always avoided Easter, but the city of Las Vegas wanted Easter. That's the deal. I'm sure they're super excited about Allegiant Stadium."

WrestleMania 41 will mark only the second time that WWE brings their largest premium live event to the Las Vegas area. The first Las Vegas-based WrestleMania showcase occurred in 1993 when WWE presented WrestleMania IX from Caesars Palace in Paradise, Nevada.

Previous reports indicated that Minneapolis, Minnesota was the front-runner to be the host city of WrestleMania 41. Coming off the success of the Super Bowl and WrestleMania XL kickoff event, though, there was a reported backstage push to pencil in Las Vegas instead.