Why Bully Ray Says AEW's Christian Cage Is Among The Only 'Real Heels' In Wrestling

On "Busted Open After Dark," Bully Ray went into detail about what it means to be a "real heel" in the wrestling business, and named AEW's Christian Cage as someone who still embodies that today. Bully praised the former TNT Champion by explaining how his character continues to have zero redeeming qualities. "If you were listening to Busted Open this morning, you heard JBL use the exact same terminology as I do when describing a heel. No redeeming qualities. Zero. Christian has no redeeming qualities, there is not one thing about Christian that you should like or like and if anybody says "oh I love Christian because he plays such a great bad guy" well you're not playing a good enough bad guy if people say that they love to hate you." 

Bully also explained how Cage challenging Swerve Strickland at Double or Nothing for the AEW World Championship will make him feel like an even larger babyface due to how great of a heel Christian can be. "Swerve and Christian will be good in many many ways. Obviously with Christian being a stone cold, not Steve Austin, but a stone cold heel, will make Swerve that much bigger of a babyface. So if you were ever on the fence about Swerve, you can't be on the fence about Swerve against Christian. Christian is entirely too hated and thus you're going to want to love Swerve. Also from an in-ring psychological point of view, Christian is the smartest guy that Swerve has ever been in the ring with." 

Double or Nothing takes place on May 26 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, where Strickland will look to be successful in his first pay-per-view title defense. 

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