Sexyy Red Sends Support To WWE NXT Champion

WWE NXT Champion Trick Williams confronted Noam Dar and other members of The Meta-Four on last night's "WWE NXT," seemingly building to a title match between Williams and Dar in the near future. The segment caught the attention of rising hip-hop performer Sexyy Red, who posted her thoughts about the interaction on social media platform X.

Williams and Red have a connection dating back to last year, when the "NXT" live audience began chanting lyrics from one of Sexyy Red's songs at Williams. After the wrestler would shake his head back and forth, the crowd chanted at Williams to "shake [his] dreads," which came directly from the song "Shake Yo Dreads." The Billboard-charting artist seems to have taken notice of the performer since then, lending her support to the champion during last night's show.

Following "NXT," Williams reposted Red's statement, adding on a catchphrase the wrestler seems to have adopted in the wake of his title win last month: "Let's talk about it." Additionally, the champion included a hashtag referencing the audience chants that began in 2023.

Beginning her music career in 2018, Sexyy Red has been on the rise in recent years, with several hit songs now under her belt. The rapper has collaborated with performers such as Nicki Minaj, Drake, and SZA.

Williams' upcoming NXT Championship defense against Dar will be his first since winning the title last month during NXT Spring Breakin'. It's not yet known when the match will take place, but last night's segment concluded with Dar raising the NXT Championship over his head, making a battle between himself and Williams all but inevitable.