AEW's Don Callis Explains Why The Talent In His Family Gets Attention

Don Callis has praised the talent within The Don Callis Family while also stating that he couldn't care less if AEW fans don't like him, as long as the group is noticed.

In a recent interview with "Battleground Podcast," Callis was asked about the success of the group and how he's able to maintain audience engagement towards the group every time they're on television. 

"We get attention because the talent in The Don Callis Family is second to none. Whether you're talking about Will Ospreay, Kyle Fletcher, whether you're talking about Powerhouse Hobbs or 'The Alpha' Konosuke Takeshita, we represent the best in competitive athletics within the context of professional wrestling. The fans are insignificant to me in terms of how they feel about me. I'm happy that they support the product but I don't acknowledge the fans, I don't think about them, I really could care less."

Callis was also asked why he enjoys watching his faction members wrestle each other, to which he explained that internal combat within his family only makes each stronger. He also listed three AEW wrestlers he's currently trying to recruit to the group. 

"Iron sharpens iron, as they like to say, and I am all about advancing The Don Callis Family. We are all about higher level consciousness where if we wrestle each other, it's about making ourselves better, it's not about putting one guy down. Now I'm looking at Swerve Strickland, I'm looking at Orange Cassidy, Claudio, and a kid named Zak Knight, who I think is an up-and-comer as well."

Callis recently explained why he didn't want Chris Jericho to be a part of the group, claiming that "Jericho is all about Jericho," and wouldn't work well in a faction.