Bully Ray Explains What He Appreciates About WWE Star Chelsea Green

Chelsea Green has been enjoying some momentum as of late, closing out the May 7th edition of "WWE NXT" with a match against NXT Women's Champion Roxanne Perez. Prior to that match, however, Green has mostly been used on the undercard of WWE's Women's Division, but has nevertheless shined in the roles she's been given. On "Busted Open Radio," Bully Ray delved into what it is that makes Green such an underrated asset to the WWE brand. 

"I'm a massive Chelsea Green fan," Bully said. "What I truly appreciate about Chelsea... nobody makes more with less than Chelsea Green. Chelsea gets about a minute of TV time, and she entertains me. They'll give Chelsea a minute or two of TV time in a three hour show, and after that three our show, I'm thinking to myself, wow, Chelsea Green was the most entertaining part of that show. She's not the main event, but she's the one I'm talking about when the main event is over. She takes what's dealt to her and she plays those hands to the maximum potential. I love the ditsy part of her, I like the annoying part of her. And the people that she interacts with, she makes more entertaining also, because they have to play off of her entertaining character." 

Bully's "Busted Open" co-host Tommy Dreamer added that in a fantasy booker situation, he would give this current version of Green a 10-year career in the WWE before transitioning her to more of a General Manager-type role.

"Everything that she b****ed and moaned about would make her the greatest hypocrite of all time when she's in that spot," Dreamer said. 

Chelsea Green and her tag team partner Piper Niven will be moving from Raw to Smackdown thanks to the results of the 2024 WWE Draft.