Jade Cargill Reacts To Crowds At Recent European Tour, WWE Backlash

WWE fans are passionate about their product, but things were dialed up during the 2024 European tour, where the crowd were so loud for "WWE SmackDown" that the arena received noise complaints. Jade Cargill fed off the excitement in the air, and spoke about what it was like to perform in front of such a thunderous sea of wrestling enthusiasts on the "Battleground Podcast."

"It was so many feelings," Cargill said. "It's memorable, it's flooring. Oh my gosh, it's humbling, it's electrifying. They're so many words I could put to that. The crowd in France, and in Europe in general — Italy, Austria — it's crazy, it's electrifying. It makes you want to go out there and do more. I remember at the live shows I didn't even want to leave. It was so many people who were so thankful for us to be there because we don't do those type of tours all the time. And at one point security had to, 'Let's go, we gotta go, we gotta go.' Because the fans were so thankful. It shows you why this all is worth it." 

WWE sees big things in Cargill. After signing her to a multi-year deal last September, Cargill has been booked carefully and sparingly. She made her much-hyped debut in the 2024 Royal Rumble match, but then did not see more action again until WrestleMania 40 However, her most recent tag-team run with Bianca Belair has seen her participate in a growing number of matches, and she's currently one of the hopefuls for WWE's Queen of the Ring, recently moving past Piper Niven in the tournament.