AEW's Jeff Jarrett Looks Back On Career Of WWE Hall Of Famer Jerry Lawler

WWE Hall of Famer Jerry Lawler is likely best known by modern fans for his tenure as a color commentator alongside Jim Ross. Years before this, however, he was one of the biggest names in the territories. During an episode of his "My World with Jeff Jarrett" podcast, the titular wrestler commented on the legacy of "The King" and why Endeavor refused to renew his WWE contract.

"I don't think people really understand the talent that Lawler had," Jarrett said. He noted that Lawler has been known for his commentary work for around 32 years, which is an impressive feat. "But for a color commentator to be a part of an organization that long, just to me, tells you how talented he really is."

Jarrett recounted Lawler's career, noting that the legend made his debut in the '70s and became synonymous with Jerry Jarrett's Memphis territory before joining WWE. "20 he worked for basically my father, or himself, or partners of that and then the next 35 for the WWE."

While he didn't give his opinion on the relationship between Lawler and WWE today, Jarrett seemed to understand why Endeavor opted not to re-sign the legend, as the WWE-UFC merger under the TKO Group Holdings umbrella is still a huge transition. He then pointed out that fans of the old product will have to come to terms with many more changes. 

"The WWE that we knew for the last... for the last 24, 25 years is no more," he said. "But what a career Jerry Lawler has had. It is unbelievable," 

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