WWE Star Chelsea Green Explains Her Approach To Her Character

Chelsea Green has emerged as one of the most reliably entertaining acts on WWE programming in quite some time, and while other wrestlers might consider themselves above being a comedy act, Green embraces the role. Green recently called into the "Busted Open" radio show to discuss her mentality pertaining to her on-screen character and how she approaches her work.

"I just put so much time into WWE, and wanting this career and wanting this specific job, that now I don't think about it. I actually have let all inhibitions go," Green said. "I do whatever is asked of me and whatever comes out when I'm in the ring. ... I don't care about looking stupid, and a lot of people do. And you can see that, you know? It translates on TV that you don't want to look like a loser or you don't want to make a fool of yourself. And isn't that what we're doing? We're fighting in our underwear."

Green noted that she comes up with a lot of the material for her character herself; however, she does occasionally receive help from a couple of familiar names in the business.

"People love to give me ideas, and I love to use them. I will never say no. ... People like Petey Williams. People like Kenny of the Spirit Squad," Green explained. "They've been in the business for so long. They have so many funny ideas. I will never say no when they offer up their opinion or their ideas."

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