WWE No Longer Owns 'Big Time Becks' Trademark For Former Women's Champion Becky Lynch

WWE has officially abandoned the trademark for Becky Lynch's heel moniker, "Big Time Becks." Per USPTO, WWE filed to abandon the trademark after first applying for it in September 2021. At that time, it was opposed just over a week later by James K. Duck, who has a trademark on "Bigtime" pertaining to professional wrestling registered first in 2007 but also renewed in 2018. Duck owns Illinois independent promotion Windy City Pro Wrestling and has used the "Bigtime" name himself as his in-ring alias. Public records indicate that legal proceedings over the term were ongoing as recently as April 1, 2024, and a discovery conference was called in March. 

Becky Lynch returned at SummerSlam in 2021 to turn heel on Bianca Belair and win the "WWE SmackDown" Women's Championship. After that, she went on to use the "Big Time Becks" moniker alongside a complete character overhaul and AR graphics featuring the term. She used the name until her SummerSlam 2022 rematch with Bianca Belair, after which she returned to her previous nickname of "The Man," rendering the "Big Time Becks" name and character obsolete. Despite this fact, the move is sure to raise eyebrows for fans who are concerned about the upcoming expiration of Lynch's WWE contract.

This isn't the first time that a moniker coined for Becky Lynch has been contested, with Ric Flair publicly and legally protesting WWE's use of "The Man" during and since her meteoric rise to the WrestleMania main event. These issues had supposedly led to WWE applying the "Big Time Becks" moniker in the first place, though Flair would ultimately relent.