Bully Ray Gives 'Two Thumbs Up' To WWE Raw Feud

Since the WWE Draft, "WWE RAW" has had a host of new stars like Bron Breakker and Ilja Dragunov, who recently went toe-to-toe on the show. In a recent episode of "Busted Open Radio," Bully Ray gave his take on the match and Breakker's ability and potential future in WWE.

"So far? Two thumbs up on Bron Breakker and Ilja Dragunov from me," Bully said, and praised Breakker's level of intensity in the ring. "I'm really liking what I'm seeing, especially -– not especially from, but Bron is truly sticking out because of his level of intensity. I mean, my god, it's amazing."

The Hall of Famer also specifically praised the Turnbuckle Frankensteiner that Breakker performed, which was a homage to his uncle, Scott Steiner, who used the move as a finisher during his tag team run alongside Breakker's father, Rick Steiner. While there are definite similarities in his style to that of his father and uncle, Ray believes there's a key difference that gives Breakker an edge over them.

"This guy is so quick, he's so intense, he's so unpredictable! That Frankensteiner off the top rope last night was done so quickly, and to perfection, I was like, 'My god!' I mean, but what do you expect? He's half Rick Steiner, half Scott Steiner, he's like a freaking wrestling cyborg," said Ray. "He's a little bit smaller than his dad and his uncle, which is gonna give him that incredible speed." 

Bully also noted similarities between how Breakker has been getting over with fans and how popular AEW's Wardlow once was in the lead-up to his TNT Championship reign.

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