Former WWE Writer Freddie Prinze Jr. Assesses Becky Lynch's Future

Former WWE writer Freddie Prinze Jr. has commented on Becky Lynch's WWE contract expiring, while also discussing if she will leave the promotion.

Lynch recently lost the Women's World Heavyweight Championship to Liv Morgan at King and Queen of the Ring and then lost a rematch on "WWE RAW" two days later against Morgan in a steel cage. "The Man" hasn't been seen on WWE television since her contract expired with the company on June 1, and on his "Wrestling with Freddie" podcast, Prinze Jr. reasoned why Lynch will not leave WWE. However, he believes AEW President Tony Khan could make a lucrative offer to sign her.

"This is crazy to me that her contract is up and she's a free agent. Now I'll say this, she's not going anywhere, but, well, I said this about Edge too or Adam Copeland. I was like, 'Oh, he's a WWE guy for life he's not going anywhere, and he bounced. But I just can't ... she's so much younger than Copeland, sorry old man. I think she has so many years left ... I think Lynch has 10 years of stories so it's strange that she's a free agent it's very strange. I'll say this, Tony Khan is gonna make a huge offer to her. Whatever he offered Mercedes Mone, it's gonna be double that."

The current AEW World Champion Swerve Strickland has also weighed in on Lynch's contract expiry, reminding everyone that it's a possibility she wants time off to be with her family. 

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