AEW's Thunder Rosa Recalls The Start Of Her Wrestling Journey

A decade ago, Thunder Rosa was a social worker in the midst of her master's degree program. Thanks to her husband and co-workers, though, Rosa was introduced to a potential new career — that being professional wrestling — that would later be accompanied with a number of championship accolades. During a recent interview with "Heal Squad," Rosa looked back to the beginning of her in-ring journey, which sparked at the age of 28.

"There was something super popular in Oakland, [California]. It was an art walk and they had a show on Fridays, every first Friday, called Hoodslam. I remember going there with my partner at the time. The second show or third show that we went there, he just looked at me, he's like 'Dude you're totally fit for this.' I'm like 'You're crazy,'" Rosa recalled. "He's like 'You're totally fit to be a wrestler. You're super extra. You're into sports. I know you can do it because every time you set your mind on something. you always do it. You always blow me away. How about you try?'"

While Rosa was initially skeptical of the idea, one of her co-workers, who previously served as a ring announcer, encouraged her to check out an upcoming show of All Pro Wrestling in Hayward, California. Upon attending the show, Rosa learned that the promotion was holding in-ring tryouts for aspiring performers the following day. After calling in sick to her social work job and paying the $50 admission fee, Rosa returned to All Pro Wrestling for the respective tryout, and as she says, "I just got hooked."

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