Lola Vice Knocks Out Shayna Baszler In NXT Underground Match At WWE NXT Battleground

Blending their shared histories of MMA and professional wrestling in the appropriate setting of the UFC Apex, Shayna Baszler and Lola Vice were the perfect representatives for the first ever "NXT" Underground match at a premium live event tonight at Battleground. Ultimately, the relative up-and-comer bested the seasoned veteran with Vice scoring a TKO over Baszler due to referee stoppage.

Vice, who competed professionally in Bellator with a record of 4-1, was able to get the finish after a Spinning Backfist and a series of Hammerfists proved too much to handle for Baszler, who had to endure a compromised knee from early on in the match. This was a homecoming of sorts for "The Queen of Spades," who competed as part of Team Rousey on "The Ultimate Fighter" in 2013 and finished her MMA career with a 15-11 record across 26 professional bouts.

Despite the absence of the Octagon, replaced by the ropeless squared circle that has become emblematic of these Underground matches, the pair worked the match very much like a legit MMA contest, from entering the arena in traditional gis, to wearing fingerless gloves befitting of an MMA bout, to textbook standup, shoot wrestling takedowns, and even the stoppage itself. Of course, there was plenty of pro wrestling mixed in, including the involvement of the announce table, ring steps, and Baszler accosting several of those surrounding the ring at one point. Ultimately, while Baszler favored the bad knee, Vice landed the deciding blow and finished things off with traditional ground and pound, leaving the referee no choice but to stop the match. Baszler sold the decision as you might see in a legit MMA fight, grabbing the leg of the referee as if to indicate she wasn't completely clear of her surroundings as Vice danced in celebration of her win.