Trick Williams Whoops Ethan Page At WWE NXT Battleground, Retains NXT Championship

Ethan Page emerged on the "NXT" scene looking to make an impact right away, attacking NXT Champion Trick Williams and assaulting members of Meta-Four in recent weeks. All that bad behavior added up to was a contract and a shot at Williams' title at Battleground tonight where Page eventually fell short anyway, once again proving that shortcuts rarely pay off.

"All Ego" was all that he was advertised to be, making his way to the ring and gesturing that the title would be around his waist before the night was through. Of course, Williams had plenty to say about that, making a champion's entrance as the UFC Apex crowd chanted his customary "Whoop that trick" rally cry. Somewhat surprisingly, Page had an edge for much of the match, progressing through several pinfall attempts and at least one near fall that had the crowd hooked.

Following Page prepping the announce table for an assault, Williams flipped the script and had the champion set up for a suplex before Page reversed it in turn, Powerslamming Trick through the table, knocking out Booker T's headset, and leading to his best chance of the night. After rolling Williams back into the ring and hitting a Powerbomb, Page had the champ in trouble in the corner before he got caught with a Trick Shot Knee which wrapped up a successful first title defense for Williams.