Rossy Ogawa's Marigold Promotion Announces WWE Star For Match At Summer Destiny Event

Rossy Ogawa's new promotion Marigold has kicked off with a bang following the Fields Forever event at Korakuen Hall on May 20, and is currently embarking on its Grand Opening Wars Tour. However, the company's next major event, Summer Destiny, on July 13 has just gotten a lot bigger, as a former WWE Women's Champion has been announced for the card.

At the end of the company's most recent show, Ogawa took to the microphone to inform Utami Hayashishita that he had finally found an opponent for her on July 13, before playing a video on the Korakuen Hall big screen that revealed IYO Sky. The WWE star told Hayashishita that she wants to write history in a Marigold ring, and that she can't wait for her return to Japan, before the official match graphic was revealed.

The match has been given the title of "Queen of Queen" given that both Sky and Hayashishita are both former leaders of the Queen's Quest faction in STARDOM. Sky, then known as Io Shirai, was the founding leader forming the group back in 2016 with HZK and Momo Watanabe. Once she left to join WWE in 2018, Watanabe led the group and brought Hayashishita in as an associate, before making her an official member towards the end of 2018. Hayashishita would take charge as leader in 2022, and would remain in that position until her departure from STARDOM in April 2024. July 13 will also be Sky's first match in her home country in six years, as she has not performed in Japan since joining WWE in 2018. WWE last traveled to Japan in 2019 for a pair of live events in Ryogoku Sumo Hall in Tokyo, with Sky being part of the "NXT" roster at the time.