AEW Collision Viewership & Ratings Report: 6/8/24

Last week, the ratings for "AEW Collision" briefly became a topic of discussion after the leak of fast national numbers that were nowhere close to "Collision's" final rating led to debate over the ongoing battle between AEW and WWE, both from a PR and onscreen perspective. The discussion overshadowed that "Collision's" numbers were a bit of a disappointment, potentially setting up for more of the same a week later, when the show went up against Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Finals.

Fortunately, AEW was able to rebound somewhat, despite the stiff competition. Wrestlenomics reports that Saturday's "Collision," headlined by Orange Cassidy vs. Kyle O'Reilly, drew 388K total viewers, and 0.13 in 18-49. Both numbers were up from the previous week, with total viewership rising 3% from 378K, while 18-49 rose 18% from 0.11. The numbers reflect each category compared to the four week average, where total viewership is down 9% from 426K, while 18-49 has remained steady at 0.13.

As expected, the Stanley Cup Finals game between the Florida Panthers and Edmonton Oilers made a dent, drawing 3.115 million viewers and a huge 0.86 in 18-49 on ABC. Despite that, AEW will likely be pleased with "Collision's" performance, as the show placed 5th on cable TV in 18-49 for the night, trailing only the UFC, soccer, college baseball, and boxing.

The quarter hours show that "Collision" was consistent throughout for both categories, with total viewership largely staying between 387K and 399K, while 18-49 stayed between 0.12 and 0.13. The show's low point in total viewers would come early in QH3, which drew 367K, while 18-49's lowest number would be in QH1, drawing 152K. The show would peak in both categories in QH6, drawing 401K and 0.14 (180K) for an assortment of backstage segments and Daniel Garca vs. Tate Mayfairs.