Sexyy Red Reportedly Arrested For Airport Altercation Before WWE NXT Battleground

Over the past several weeks, rapper Sexyy Red has made her presence felt on "WWE NXT," appearing on the show's May 28 episode and this past weekend's NXT Battleground PLE, where Red served as the show's host. As it turns out though, the latter appearance could've been jeopardized by an incident involving Red that occurred 3,000 miles away.

TMZ reports that Red was arrested this past Saturday at New Jersey's Liberty International Airport for her role in a wild brawl. Video of the fight shows a person TMZ describes as Red entering the fray after several men were knocked down, holding a metal stand and looking ready to swing it. Another person would proceed to push her over as they made their way towards the fight, with Red dropping the stand and disappearing from the camera soon after.

Port Authority sources confirmed that Red was charged with disorderly conduct, while others involved were charged with assault. TMZ further noted that Red had posted on social media about being released from jail earlier in the weekend, and had even offered to replace a phone destroyed during the brawl. However, Red would take to X on Tuesday after video was released, disputing that she was the woman TMZ identified holding the stand.

Regardless of what happened, Red was still able to make it to Las Vegas for her Battleground hosting duties without a hitch, appearing in several backstage segments throughout the show, and celebrating with Trick Williams after Williams retained the NXT Championship over Ethan Page. At this time, it's unclear whether WWE knew of Red's arrest or learned about it this morning when the video was released.