Video: Karrion Kross Has A Stark Warning For Xavier Woods After WWE Raw Interference

During last night's "WWE Raw," Karrion Kross and Scarlett fooled R-Truth into agreeing to a World Tag Team Championship match against the Authors of Pain. Xavier Woods then cost AOP the match, and In response, Kross cut a brief backstage promo directed at Woods. Kross questioned whether Woods knew how much effort went into securing the match, and whether he thinks saving the titles will end up preserving The New Day's identity. "New Day was yesterday, brother, okay? These people, when they see you, sure you'll get a little bit of a pop — guess what? Every single thing that happens to us, in this business, in that ring, is just entertainment for them. We're barely even human to them."

The star continued his heated promo, pointing out that Woods currently doesn't have any titles, and suggested that he's therefore not relevant to the championship scene. "You've been living this lie, telling yourself the only thing you want to do is be King of the Ring since you were a little kid; well you did that, so lemme ask you a question: if that's really true, then what the hell are you still doing here? What are you still doing here?" Lastly, he drove his point further by explaining that Woods simply plays it safe, and has no ambitions to become WWE Champion, but ultimately became visibly frustrated. "I'mma start swearing, I got to get out of here guys. I can't let this slide Woods, I can't let this one slide. Watch your back."

The Final Testament have slowly been building their relevancy over the past few months, and even made a few appearances in "WWE NXT." Due to this, it's reasonable to assume that Kross will see his threat through.