Video: WWE Hall Of Famer Bret Hart In Who KIlled WCW Clip: 'Stupid, Stupid, Stupid'

VICE recently partnered up with Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson to produce the highly anticipated "Who Killed WCW?" four-part docuseries. Episode one was released last week, and episode two is set to drop tonight, titled "The Streak Is Over," which looks at the beginning of WCW's downward slide. Ahead of the episode, VICE released a supercut of Bret Hart's contributions, showcasing the sheer amount of times he insults those involved with his WCW experience.

"I was a very good witness to the madness that was WCW. I've got lots to say about it," Hart asserted. Following this, the clip strung together all the times he called someone a variation of stupid. "What a bunch of idiots. Imbeciles. Stupid as it gets. Stupid. Clueless idiot. Bunch of clueless nuts. Is there anybody here that's got any brains? Stupid, stupid, stupid, every day, every night. So stupid, just really stupid. The biggest cutthroat, bunch of conniving, backstabbing idiots you've ever seen in your life. That is such bulls**t. It's the work of an idiot."

The clip speaks for itself, and paints a picture of the way Hart feels about the run he had with the promotion, especially after he left a major spot in WWE to sign with WCW. His booking has notably been slammed by critics over the years, especially considering WCW was where Hart faced Goldberg and received the kick to his head that ultimately ended his career at 43 years old. "You'll always be seen as a, as a complete failure. The term 'motherf**kers' would've crossed my mind pretty regularly. Thanks for nothing, go f**k yourself," Hart concludes.

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