WWE Hall Of Famer Mark Henry Says This NXT Star Is 'Always On'

At WWE NXT Battleground 2024, WWE NXT Women's Champion Roxanne Perez successfully defended her title against TNA Knockouts Champion Jordynne Grace and WWE Hall of Famer Mark Henry feels that Perez is doing her former teacher, Booker T, and his wrestling school proud.

"Roxanne is proving every week why her time at Reality of Wrestling was important," Henry said on "Busted Open Radio," noting that her trainer Booker T was a stickler. "[Booker T] talks about the details. He says 'Everybody can teach you how to wrestle...but it's what you do between the wrestling that makes you special,' and Roxanne, she's never off, she's always on."

Henry believes that Perez is overdelivering for a talent of her experience level. The WWE Hall of Famer says that she is "overprepared for the moment," thanks to the foundation Booker laid. Henry also tipped his cap to her opponent, Jordynne Grace, as he felt both women carried themselves like seasoned professionals.

Henry isn't the only one impressed with Perez, as the Women's Champion is someone on which WWE management currently has their eye. Perez is rumored to be headed to the main roster once her time on "WWE NXT" finishes up, whenever that may be, as she thoroughly impressed WWE officials during WrestleMania weekend. That report also singled out Perez's professionalism and attitude, once again speaking to the attributes Henry praised. Perez has also made it clear she would like to visit TNA and once again tangle with Grace in the Knockout Champion's home territory.