Backstage Issues With Paul London; Taking Time Off


Paul London has been at home the last several weeks due to a family illness. WWE management gave London the time off to get everything situated and he'll be back in a few weeks.

London has been very negative towards management ever since the road agents at the Rochester Smackdown taping several weeks ago requested that he change his finisher. London told the agents that he wanted to speak to Vince McMahon about the situation first. Several sources indicated that when he went to McMahon he gave a plea stating that he not ban any high flying moves because guys like him who were small would really never make it to the top and wouldn't be huge muscular guys. He said it was the cruiserweight style and that it shouldn't be toned down. McMahon's 'response' to that was having London drop the title to London the next week and has since been cutting 'whiny' interviews. That is normally what happens when you approach management about something you don't like or agree with. It's interesting that WWE management always tells the wrestlers to 'submit idea's but when they do, they sure pay the price.