Bret Hart Speaks On Meeting With Vince, Future With WWE & More


Thanks to Tom Beeman for the following:

Bret Hart just finished giving a short interview on Dave Meltzer's Wrestling Observer Live radio show. He was on for the last 15 minutes of the program.

He said his book deal would be done without WWE. He doesn't see that it could be done by anyone but himself. He said he needed WWE to get access to his footage but for a book he doesn't need footage.

He said he's moved on from the Montreal incident. He said he still has his feelings on the situation but bigger things in life have happened such as family tragedies, 9/11, Owen's death and his stroke. He said that he and Vince had a conversation and agreed they need to put their personal feelings towards each other aside for the benefit of the fans. He says that fans made him who he is and that without them he'd be nothing. He also said he thanks WWE for giving him the opportunity to showcase his talents in front of the fans for so many years.

He feels he has expressed his feelings on Montreal in other interviews and that everyone knows what happened. He said everyone has their opinion and that they are either on one side or the other. He said that you minimize it or you can make a bigger deal about it but there's no need to keep rehashing the situation.

He said he agreed to do the DVD because he wanted to be a part of it as opposed to having the DVD released without his participation. He was afraid without him it would have come across like something that would have aired on Confidential. He said Montreal will be mentioned and that, although you don't have to make a big deal about it anymore, it can't be ignored either. He said there would be footage on the DVD paying tribute to his days in Stampede Wrestling (which he said was where he had the most fun) and the Hart Foundation. He said they were stepping stones along the way. He also said he always envisioned one day there would be a video package paying tribute to his days in Stampede Wrestling.

He says everyone in WWE treated him first class and he doesn't have any complaints on any level. He says that he thinks the DVD will be done very professionally and that he won't be taken advantage of either. He said this didn't happen sooner because over the years there was possible miscommunication on either of their parts that led Bret to believe WWE was stabbing him in the eyes and taking shots at him.

He said he doesn't have future plans to work with WWE beyond this DVD. He said he doesn't know what else can be done. He said he would see what happens when this project is complete and is released. He said he doesn't want to get back in the ring as a referee or a commentator, or a commissioner or a manager. He doesn't want to be remembered for that. He said he wants to be remembered for being a great champion.

Meltzer said he would back in a couple of weeks for the full 2 hours.

Nothing was mentioned about Bret possible being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in Chicago. My personal opinion based on what he said is that it's not going to happen. I get the feeling while he's not closing the door with working with WWE but isn't exactly anxious to do business with them again either.