Chris Jericho Talks About Britney Spears, Mike Tyson, & More

Thanks to Brian Richey for this recap of Chris Jericho on "Weekends at the DL" on Comedy Central:

D.L. Hughley brought out all three of his guests at the same time, halfway into the show, and had them sit on a large couch. The guests were introduced as the very funny Tammy Pescatelli, comedian Patrice O'neal, and the king of bling-bling, the ayatollah of rock and rolla, Chris Jericho. Jericho of course got the biggest reaction and stood up and acknowledged it. Hughley said that everyone who just clapped doesn't work and have no jobs. He then told Chris that he thought he was the first wrestler that he had ever met and Jericho asked, "Ain't I sexy?" Hughley responded with, "Let me tell you again the show is at the DL, not on the DL." He said that his little 14 year-old got all excited when he was told Chris Jericho was going to be on the show.

Hughley then brought up that he did know a lot of boxers, which led to a discussion about Mike Tyson and the mention of him going into porn. O'neal said he was living every man's dream by punching out people and (bleep)ing ladies. Jericho said now we know why they call him 'Iron' Mike Tyson and lifted and shook his arm. Pescatelli said we have all be getting screwed by Tyson whenever we buy one of his pay-per-view fights and Hughley maid a comment about Tyson's voice. Jericho said apparently Tyson doesn't have the voice but has a 'heavy bag.' The crowd went 'whoa' and O'neal slapped hands with Jericho as he asked if he liked that one. O'neal went on to say he didn't completely feel comfortable about joking about Tyson and that doing porn might be vindication for him since he had been spiked many times before in life. Jericho then said Tyson's first porno could be called, "Mike Tyson: Bringing New Definition to the Word 'Box.'" O'neal showed his appreciation again and Jericho said, "another one, that's two... subtle." Jericho and O'neal clung wine glasses and Jericho said it was great to have the wine and a cigar, "like being on Johnny Carson in 1968." He then toasted the audience and lit the cigar.

Hughley brought up Britney Spears' baby and how a paparazzi supposedly got shot with a BB gun at her baby shower. He asked if the guests had ever been followed or stopped like that.

Jericho said he has seen people who have gotten tattoos of him on them, which, "will probably be the equivalent of a Screech tattoo in about 5 years." Hughley said that at a Lil' Kim baby shower no one would care about the paparazzi and O'neal said that they would be upset if no one got shot. They went on about pregnant women showing their bellies until they went to commercial.

Back from commercial, D.L. thanked the guests and mentioned Jericho as Fozzy's lead singer as he smoked the cigar. The band played the show to end and Jericho clapped along.

I don't know when the show was taped, but there was absolutely no mention of SummerSlam, Cena, or Jericho's match. I guess this is since it wasn't an actual interview and they wanted to keep the show purely comedic, which Jericho seemed natural at.