Diva Search Backstage Update, New Talent, Guerrero; Lots More

Source: PWInsider

- This week's episode of "Hogan Knows Best" will be about Hulk and Linda going on a romantic vacation while Brooke and Nick stay home with Brian `Nasty Boy' Knobs.

- Many WWE workers continue to be negative about the Diva Search competition backstage. Despite the negativity, the segments have been drawing strong ratings.

- WWE has started selling Eddie Guerrero "Who's Your Papi?" t-shirts.

- TNT, Garrison Cade and Trevor Murdoch, are expected to debut as heels once they debut on WWE television. The team has already filmed a series of vignettes. The Murdoch part of Trevor's name is a takeoff of the late Dick Murdoch.

- Johnny Swinger's new name, Johnny Parisi, is a takeoff of Tony Parisi.