Huge Update On Bret Hart-WWE; Going To TNA?

Credit: PWTorch.Com

It s well known now that WWE have been keen on bringing back Bret Hart to WWE, however Hart has declined each one. According to The Torch, reasons for him rejecting the offers are down to his general concern over how the 1997 Survivor Series swerve will be portrayed.

Bret told Between the Ropes radio last week that he doesn't want to participate in a documentary that creates the impression that "reasonable people can disagree" or "there are two equally valid perspectives" on the controversy.

One source says he can't imagine what more WWE could do to facilitate reconciliation. "He knows the door is open," says the source.

In the interview, Bret did not hide the fact that he misses certain aspects of the business and wishes he could wrestle people such as Kurt Angle, Chris Benoit, and Eddie Guerrero. However, he also revealed he doesn t miss the bumps, especially being dropped on his head, as well as hotel rooms and car rentals. He also revealed that both Edge and Chris Benoit keep in regular touch with him.

Hart didn t rule out the possibility of working for TNA, however did sat he is enjoying life after wrestling with his new wife.