Kane, Indy Stars At RAW, Christian's Merchandise Update

Source: PWInsider.com

Apparently an area worker in Washington DC has the right to the "Captain Charisma" name, which is why Christian does not have any shirts for sale. The odd thing is that Christian wore a "Captain Charisma" shirt on SmackDown last week and on his personal bio page on WWE.com, it says, "Get Captain Charisma merchandise", which takes you to a page with nothing Christian.

Elite Wrestling Entertainment announced that Bruce Steele, "Iceman" Buck Quartermaine, "Modern Miracle" Steve Madison, and the Market Crashers have been invited to participate on WWE RAW on August 29 in Tampa and WWE SmackDown on August 30 in Jacksonville. EWE reported to be very proud of their superstars and hope that you come out and support some of the best talent that Florida has to offer.

Over at Amazon s website, features chapter excerpts for the forthcoming Kane fictional book "Journey Into Darkness". The WWE release will tell an "unauthorized" biography of the Kane character.