Kevin Nash Asked To Return At SSlam, Trish Update, Torrie Wilson; More

Credit: The Wrestling Observer

Trish Stratus is being advertised to return to the ring on the 8/26 Raw house show in San Juan, against Christy Hemme.

Kevin Nash is telling friends that he was called by WWE officials to come in to Summerslam to potentially screw Hogan so Shawn could win the match. Nash turned the offer for whatever reason.

When in the UK last week, Torrie Wilson said that Billy Kidman would be joining TNA soon to be a part of the X-Division. Sources say there are no plans for him to join TNA at this point as TNA has put a freeze on signing any outside talent until they are back on television on Spike TV in October. Kidman's 90-day no-compete clause should be up by the time TNA is back on national TV and they'll probably consider bringing him when that time comes