Leyla Talks About Nip Slip, Low-Blowing Hebner, Wrestling In The Future

Last year, each of the final three Diva Search contestants scored at least some sort of position with WWE after the competition came to an end. Leyla, however, has her sights set purely on victory and talked about the contest in an interview with Daniel Lue (Survivor, Tough Enough) on Reality News Online.

After putting over the Bret Hart-Shawn Michaels Ironman match as her favorite, Leyla explained why she low-blowed Earl Hebner, the referee famous for screwing Bret Hart.

"My plan at first was to give Coach a low blow," she said, "but then I realized I could give the much more deserving Earl Hebner the payback, especially after what he did to Bret Hart in Montreal back in '97. And I'm proud to say, that's the last time anyone's seen Mr. Hebner (laughing)."

However, it wasn't the low blow that put Leyla on the map. It was a "nip slip" incident, in which her breasts fell out during Bikini Bootcamp. Considering she was wearing red pasties, many surmised that she staged the "slip." But, was it really on purpose?

"No, absolutely not," Leyla clarified. "I am more creative than that. I know there are rumors floating around that I did that on purpose, especially because of the red pasties. My bikini top was real small to begin with and I knew going through the obstacle course that anything could and did happen; so I was protecting myself. Funny thing is, the whole thing came off and it made no difference anyway."

For those men who are interested, Leyla also confirmed that she will have no problem "showing her puppies" on future WWE programming.

The Canadian beauty, who calls fellow Canadian Trish Stratus her favorite Diva, also confirmed that she might be interested in working a match:

"When I envision a Diva in my mind, I think a beautiful, talented, charismatic, fun, and flirty piece of eye candy that can work a match when need be. I think I fit that mold and I don't think the other girls have that package."