More Live Notes From RAW Last Night

I sat in section 115 of the venue, which is the camera side so no signs to look over the whole night. I was there for the last Raw in Tampa. Which was December 2003 after HHH beat Goldberg and Orton spit in Foley's face. The available seats were filled, even the 300 level on the camera side so I would guess close to 10,000.

Dark Match

*Dennis "Mideon" Knight defeated Florida wrestler Antonio Banks. Banks is from Miami got heel heat dissing Tampa's sports teams. This might have been a tryout match for Banks, who looked good with Knight. Knight won with the slop drop.


*Rob Conway defeated Matt Striker. Damn Conway lost weight and got his abs back.

*Rene Dupree defeated Florida wrestler Mike Patrick. Patrick might also work in Jacksonville tomorrow night. Dupree's facial hair is awful looking.

*Kerwin White defeated Tajiri. White talked on the mic, repeating his claims about Shelton Benjamin on last week's Raw. The crowd chanted "Chavo" during the promo.

*Eugene defeated Johnny "Swinger" Parisi with the Stone Cold Stunner.

*Val Venis and Viscera defeated The Heart Throbs when Val hit the Money Shot and Viscera splashed the other Heart Throb.

Quick Raw Notes:

**Carlito's Cabana is a cool skit to see in person. The live crowd popped BIG time for Michaels.

**Edge/Matt Hardy was an entertaining match, right until they reinacted the Royal Rumble 99 Rock/Foley spot.

***John "Marky Mark" Cena is SO over with the fans and I hope his PPV match with Kurt Angle is good.

After Raw, most people didn't realize they would see:

*WWE champion John Cena & Big Show defeated Gene Snitsky and Kurt Angle with double pinfalls as Show pinned Angle after a chokeslam and Cena gave the FU to Snitsky.

Please credit Alan J. Wojcik,