More On Major Changes To Albany, NY WWE House Show This Weekend

As I noted yesterday, the house show line-up for Albany, New York has been edited heavily for this weekends show. The change to the card was made just three days in advance of the actual show. TV advertisements have been airing for nearly two months now stating that HBK would face Kurt Angle in what was billed as a 'Special Attraction' match. This match has now been replaced with Kurt Angle against Eugene while Edge will 'defend the WWE title' (according to the Pepsi Arena website) ageist Shawn Michaels. Obviously, that makes no sense whatsoever with Cena as champion. The arena website still has John Cena posters plastered all over the website promoting the show. As it stands right now, John Cena will not appear at the show as previously advertised which will likely tick many fans off, especially those who have already emailed me. I will be attending this show in Albany on Saturday. If you are going, please drop me a line! [email protected]. Thanks a lot, hope to run into some of you. Here is the card:

WWE Title Match
Shawn Michaels vs. Edge
Eugene vs. Kurt Angle

Intercontinental Championship Title Match
Shelton Benjamin vs. Carlito

Tag Team Title Match
Hurrican & Rosey w/Stacy Keibler vs. The Heart Throbs

Big Show vs. The Masterpiece Chris Masters
Chris Case & Mike Mizani vs. Garrison Cade & Trevor Rhodes

Diva Match
Christy Hemme vs. Victoria

Matt Capotelli was originally scheduled but suffered a broken leg, Lita was scheduled but is out working an 'injury angle', and Y2J Chris Jericho was also scheduled but not anymore. I guess it doesn't matter if you look at the advertisements or not as things can change just days before a show.

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