OVW TV Tapings Get Out Of Control; Shoot or Work?

This report is from Dan Wills of PWInsider. We'll have more on this later today.

The Johnny Jeter heel turn was in full effect at the OVW TV Tapings in Louisville as Paul Heyman shot his first hardcore angle Wednesday Night. It was quite probably the most realistic angle ever shot in OVW, and I have my reasons to believe something actually may have gone a little awry in the angle itself.

The show opened up with Aaron "The Idol" Stevens coming out to the ring with Beth Phoenix and a new valet named Shelly, who I recognize from some websites as a dark haired vampire looking valet from Los Angeles. Stevens defeated Robbie Dawber.

Maria interviewed Brent Albright, who was backstage, in full gear, positioned to fight, staring at a door. Albright said, "When Johnny Jeter walks through the door tonight, we're going to have a conversation face to face. And then I'm going to find Ken Anderson and Daniel Puder." Great promo.

After a commercial break. Ken Anderson and Daniel Puder came out and Anderson said Albright was a lunatic, screaming and yelling (even though Albright was calm, cool, and collected). Anderson said they're leaving, but Puder wanted to stay and fight Albright. Anderson would have nothing of it, and forced Puder to leave with him. As they were departing the back door, they ran into Danny Inferno, and an argument broke out. Inferno went to the ring, and taped up his hand. Anderson and Puder came back in, and Anderson did his great routine of introducing everyone. He made this a "striker vs wrestler" match, and Puder beat Inferno with the Key Lock in a stiff looking match. Anderson announced Puder as the winner, and Albright hit the ring. Anderson tried to pull out Puder, but Puder squared off with Albright, who took Puder down. Anderson pulled Puder out of the ring.

Then we see Johnny Jeter backstage, he came into the building when Albright was in the ring. Maria warned him that Albright was looking for him, when Albright entered the room and quietly asked Maria to excuse them for a moment. Albright did a great promo here, right up in Jeter's face, soft spoken, telling him "no one will hurt you tonight because I'm protecting you until I win back my title in the ring tonight." At this point, Matt Cappotelli hobbles in the door, and throws his crutches at Jeter, screaming at Jeter. Albright stops Capotelli and carries him, kicking and screaming, out of the dressing room. Great angle.

In the next match, Nick Nemeth and Chris Cage beat OVW TV Champion Ken Doane and Bobby Lashley. This was a great match. Anytime Lashley was in, he just demolished the opposition. Doane hit the RKO on Nemeth, but Nemeth kicked out. Lashley delivered more punishment. Doane tagged in, tried to pick up Nemeth, but Nemeth hit a small package for the huge pin. The place really popped. Very vocal crowd tonight, most vocal in a long long time in OVW. After the match, Doane just sat in the ring in disbelief and he and Lashley, who was on the apron, just stared at each other. Everyone understood it, and it was very cool to see.

Then, Johnny Jeter came out and cut a great heel promo. I thought his promo last week was lacking, but this one rocked. A really good heel promo and the same people who were screaming for him at the beginning were really booing him at the end. Jeter then defended the OVW Title in a 15 minute match against Brent Albright. Matt Cappotelli came out and sat ringside. Albright locked in the crowbar, but Jeter was in the ropes. Albright had to break. Jeter rolled out of the ring and superkicked the injured Cappotelli. Jeter took the chair and creamed Albright with it. The referee called for the bell.

I should point out that the referee, Chris Kay, who is also a WWE referee, threw up in the ring about three times in 15 seconds right before the crowbar, and it was disgusting.

And even though that happened, and it stunk in the hot Davis Arena, everyone stayed (which is unusual) because they were into the match.

Jeter turned around and hit Capotelli in the head with the chair and then went berserk with it.

This is where I'm not sure what happened. Al Snow jumped out of his chair in a panic and grabbed Jeter. It looked like they were legit fighting. The dressing room cleared, with some running to Cappotelli and some running to Jeter. I could see Alexis Laree really crying when she got to Cappotelli. There was blood everywhere. Not just OVW Trainer Eric Langly, but two medics arrived within minutes and you could see the concern on people's faces. Jeter was rushed out of there, and two refs got Albright out quietly. They tended to Cappotelli for about 10 minutes, and you could see Dean Hill was clearly shaken up.

They did something for tv, which I could see on the OVWTron, with Dean Hill, who had Cappotelli's blood on his face, hands, and shirt. Dean was clearly shaken badly.

When they finally got Capotelli on the gurney, he was wheeled out into the parking lot and taken to an emergency vehicle in the back of the arena. There were security guards not allowing anyone in that section of the parking lot, which was a first. So that's either because it was a well done angle, or because Cappotelli got hurt legit again. It was very intense either way.

They announced there was no special added (dark) match after the tapings tonight, which was also strange, because no matter what, there always is. There were two dark matches earlier in the evening, one featuring The Tolands with Jillian Hall, who wore a big ugly bandage where the mole should be, and The Tolands promised to settle the issue as to who she would publicize with MNM this Friday at Six Flags.

I don't know how much of the Cappotelli angle was an angle and how much of it was the result of a chairshot gone wrong, but this was one of the most effective angles I've ever seen live and next week's OVW TV Tapings should be very interesting. Say what you want about Paul Heyman, he has OVW buzzing right now.