Real Story On WWE Wrestler Asking For His Release


Sunday might have featured a TNA PPV, but it was a WWE news item that received all the attention. Wrestling fans all over the world reacted to the news of Frankie Kazarian asking for his release from World Wrestling Entertainment. According to multiple sources, his request was granted.

The potential for trouble between Kazarian and WWE first reared its head a month ago when Kazarian initially requested a release. Upset over the fact that he – after having been with the company for several months – wasn't used on television, Kazarian wanted to part ways with WWE. In response, WWE immediately began using Kazarian on Velocity, where the former TNA wrestler went over a number of fellow WWE cruiserweights.

However, he remained dissatisfied with his role as a WWE superstar. Kazarian was specifically upset with WWE management's recent decision to tone down high-flying manuevers. The straw that broke the camel's back was a request from WWE officials that Kazarian change his look and cut his long hair.